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Hello to all of my faithful followers!

I have moved my blog over to it’s very own domain! I would love for you all to click on the following link and subscribe to that page to continue to follow me on my culinary adventure.


Today I posted some yummy St. Patty’s Day pancakes and I am madly working on something yummy to share with you all tomorrow.

I look forward to sharing all my new recipes with you at www.pureandyummy.com

Thank you for following me!


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Hello to all my loyal followers and friends! Pure & Yummy now has pages on both Facebook and Twitter. This is just another way for all of you to keep in touch with what is going on here at Pure & Yummy. I would love for you to click the links that are located on the right side of the blog and follow along with me there. I am working on some yummy food and plan to have more recipes up very soon. Hope you are all having a wonderful week wherever in the world you are. Happy cooking, baking and especially, Happy Eating to you all!

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Citrus, Citrus, Citrus!

 Citrus, Citrus, Citrus!

I live in Orange County California and right now we are surrounded by tons and tons of wonderful fresh citrus. I just love citrus. Citrus is so bright and colorful and can add so much flavor to so many things. The food possibilities are endless when it comes to the wonderful flavors of citrus.

Last Friday the girls and I were at a local farmers market and it was filled with oranges and grapefruit ripe and ready to eat. The girls and I loved trying the samples of all the wonderful oranges and we brought home some sweet and juicy satsuma oranges to share with daddy. Later that same afternoon we acquired some fresh oranges and lemons from a very generous neighbor, her tree was over flowing and she let my daughter and some other neighbor kids pick some to take home. The kids had a blast picking the oranges and lemons and filling multiple bags. Immediately I was thinking of all the fantastic things I could make!

The following day we spent with family celebrating Great Grandpa’s 88th birthday! It was a wonderful celebration and so nice to see him and spend good quality time with him. Happy Birthday Great Grandpa!!!

Happy Birthday Great Grandpa

While we were at our Aunt and Uncle’s house celebrating, Katelyn saw some juicy ripe ruby red grapefruit on their trees and she wanted to pick them. So Uncle Bob was kind enough to help Katelyn harvest a few for us to take home with us. These will make a delicious breakfast treat!

Picking Grapefruit

While we were all together for the birthday celebration, I happen to mention to my mother in law that I was in search of some key limes that I want to use in my own yummy birthday treat this week. So when she came over yesterday she suprised me with a bag of those tasty little key limes. I was so excited that she found them and brought me some! So with all this wonderful citrus on hand, I have no choice but to be on a citrus kick this week. I plan to make many different treats with a few different kinds of citrus and I will share them all with you very soon.  It is gorgeous and warm here in Southern California so I plan to enjoy some time outside with my two sweet baby girls. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Apple Tree

It is that time of year again! Time for our annual fall camping trip to the “Apples.” Every year we pack up and head to visit the apple orchards in Oak Glen, CA and to camp for the weekend with the whole family; Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, the whole works. We camp, but in semi-luxury, we camp RV style (which in my opinion is the only way to camp!). This year there were 5 RV’s full of our family at 3 different campsites. We brought lots and lots of yummy food and we had a wonderful time. The weather was rainy and cold this year, but we managed to keep warm next to a big campfire.

Los Rios Rancho

There are many orchards to visit in Oak Glen, but we have our favorites and one of them is Los Rios Rancho. Chris’ family has been coming to this orchard since Chris was just a baby and we have gone almost every year since we have been married. This is where we like to buy apples, caramel apples, and apple cider and they always have a pumpkin patch for fun photo opportunities. This year it was very cold, so I didn’t get many photos of my babies in the pumpkins.


One of our other favorite orchards is Snowline (I have to say that I think this is my personal favorite, you will soon see why :)). They have pick your own raspberries, and every year I have wanted to do this and the season is usually done by the time we get up there. This year however, they were still allowing picking. I so wanted to pick, but it was freezing when we stopped at this orchard and it had just rained for about 3 days, so I figured it wasn’t worth trudging around in the wet plants trying to pick what is left of the raspberry crop. Oh well, there is always next year.

Apple Cider Donuts

Ok, here is why I love Snowline and my absolute favorite part of the apple orchard adventure, the Apple Cider Donuts covered in cinnamon and sugar! These things are amazing! I will admit that I order a bag of 12 just for myself and if Chris and the girls want some then we will need to order another bag. Chris doesn’t have the same infatuation with them as I do, and Katelyn didn’t really care for them either, but Ashley…

Cinnamon Face

Well, she must take after her mommy, because she couldn’t get enough of them. Just look at that adorable cinnamon and sugar face!

Cinnamon Rolls

If there is one thing our family knows how to do well, it is eat! We had every meal planned out and all we did was eat! Breakfast, lunch and dinner were huge spreads of wonderful food, like these super tasty cinnamon rolls that Auntie Cil made. We probably all gained 5 pounds this last weekend. I baked lots of yummy goodies to take with us and I will be sharing some of the recipes with you very soon.

The Campsite

There is nothing better than spending time with family in the great out doors playing games, eating fabulous food and just enjoying fellowship with each other. It truly was a wonderful weekend, and I am already counting down until next year!

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Day of the Dead Bread

This last Saturday afternoon I took a fall cooking class at a local bakery here in Orange County, the Blackmarket Bakery in Irvine. I also found out yesterday that they were  just voted best bakery in Orange County by OC Weekly. A super big Congrats to them, they deserve it!

We made all kinds of yummy fall goodies and I had a blast learning from their CIA trained pastry chef, Rachel. The list of goodies was very long and all of them were loads of fun to make and of course eat! There were 11 people in the class, so we broke into small teams and picked various things from the list that we each wanted to make. Here is the long list of things we got to choose from:

Day of the Dead Bread (Pan de Muerto)
Pepita Brittle
Spiced Chocolate Truffles
Shortbread and Gingerbread Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing
Champurrado (Mexican Style Hot Chocolate)
Caramel Apples
Oven Baked Carmel Corn
Meringue Bones
Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Our team decided that we wanted to tackle the difficult bread, the caramel corn and the spiced truffles. Every team tried different combinations and all in all everything on the list got made and some things got made twice (caramel corn and brittle). We all got to taste everything and everyone took home a big box of goodies to enjoy later.

Day of the Dead Bread

This is the Day of the Dead Bread after we shaped it and got it ready for its final rise before baking. The finished product is at the top of the page. I had never made a yeast bread with butter like this one, and it was a very slippery soft dough to work with. The ingredient quantities were very specific and everything had to be weighed out precisely. The bread had a sweet buttery taste with a subtle orange flavoring from orange zest. Due to the lack of time we didn’t get to let it rise as many times as the recipe called for, so I think I might like to try this bread again and make sure to do all the required rises.

Making the apples

One of the teams made the caramel for the caramel apples and then everyone in the class got to dip and decorate their own apple.

Carmel Apples

Carmel Apple

Chris loves caramel apples, especially with chopped peanuts, so this is the one that I made to bring home to him. He ate it that same night and said it was one of the best caramel apples he has ever had! He loved that the caramel was so soft. This one had not been refrigerated at all, so I am not sure if that would make the caramel hard like other caramel apples he has had.


Here we are piping out the finished ganache for the truffles. Once pipped, they chilled in the fridge for a few minutes, then we rolled them in coca powder mixed with cayenne pepper and they were done. These were creamy and delicious, and the spice of the pepper with the dark chocolate is a wonderful combination.

Gingerbread Skeleton

We got to decorate some shortbread and gingerbread cookies with royal icing. Rachel showed us how to do these cute and festive Halloween Gingerbread Skeleton men, this was my finished product.

Lots of yummy goodies

This is quite a few of the goodies that we made and got to package to take home. The caramel corn was DELICIOUS and I plan to make some this week and post the recipe very soon.

I had so much fun, it was the perfect cold and rainy day to spend in doors in a kitchen baking all kinds of yummy goodies with fun people. I can’t wait to take another class there!

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